IVC accepts donations online through the “Gift of Home” program. You may choose to set up a recurring monthly donation or donate a one-time gift. You may also donate through memorials, honorariums, special occasions, gifts. Tax deductible donations may be made in memory of a loved one, for special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

What is planned giving?

Planned giving, however large or small, is not only an act of laudable generosity, it is also a way to create a link between us and those who will come after us, allowing us to pass down the values we believe in and acts as a testament to what was important to us during our lifetime. The most frequently made planned gifts are made through your will.  You can leave a gift of a lifetime through life insurance, real estate, stocks and bonds and other securities.

Are there other ways to give to IVC?

There are times when many of our seniors on fixed income cannot afford to buy groceries, household items, or even their necessary prescription medications.

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