Executive Director

Executive Director

• Be available to IVC at least 40 hours per week
• Oversee the facilitation of incoming calls for services, referral and information as well as general inquiries
• Facilitate calls to assign tasks, coordinate with other service providers, check references for new volunteers and follow-up on services provided by the care-receivers and the volunteers
• Recruit volunteers and facilitate new volunteer orientations
• Submit grants and contracts in a timely manner
• Oversee any volunteer or paid staff
• Report to the Board each month the following:
• Volunteer recruitment efforts
• New volunteers
• Service referral and information
• Current concerns/issues regarding volunteers (this includes volunteers’ feedback)
• Public presentations/outreach
• Fundraising activities
• Grants’ Status
• Budget Status
• Strategic Plan Status
• Facilitate office lease and utilities and report issues to Board
• Facilitate payment of any bills incurred by IVC within associated deadlines
• Coordinate and prepare for IVC Board meetings (this includes reminders of the meeting,
preparing an agenda and preparing a Director’s Report)

• Research, write and present grant requests
• Maintain ongoing grants schedule(s) and report to the board on progress
• Identify fund raising opportunities and report opportunities to the Board
• Coordinate at least one signature fund raising event annually

• Present the IVC program to community service groups, church groups, businesses, individuals and other related agencies/organizations
• Attend ongoing/ scheduled public service providers and other agency meetings each month
• Facilitate public relations information with newspapers (includes online), television public service programs and other associated social media to provide accurate information and visibility in the community
• Oversee website and regular correspondence to volunteers, coalition, networking partners and funders to provide updates regarding IVC events, functions and statistics
• Plan, coordinate and host volunteer recognition and other associated events

• Represent IVC in a professional manner to all clients, volunteers, community organizations and the Board of Directors with the utmost respect for its mission and goals as an agency
• Provide orientation and training for new Board members
• Partner with the Board of Directors to develop a 3 to 5-year Strategic Plan
• Evaluate the programs and provide accurate feedback and data to the Board to enhance IVC’s
capacity to monitor and accomplish the mission and goals
• Job duties and responsibilities will be reviewed and evaluated at least annually
• Other duties as assigned by the board